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ESO – At Far Shores



One of the last places connected to the main quest in Bangkorai. If you look at the second and third pictures, you’ll see that the statues all have their right hands up, as is waving. Coupled with the name of the place – at far shores – I’d think they are waving goodbye. It’s strange that they’re facing the centre platform¬†though. Kind of reminds me of the Easter Island statues.







ESO – Crow’s Wood in Davon’s Watch




One of the few places I’ve been to in Tamriel (well, technically, this is in another realm?) that has such nice purple hues.


ESO – near Elden Root

Screenshot_20140831_180735Walking towards Elden Root, one can catch sight of this waterfall. This was near dusk. The setting sun and the overcast sky mingled with the runoffs from the waterfall make me feel like I can sense life in the air.


ESO – shipwreck


A shipwreck off the coast of Stormhaven, where a deadly crab resides.

ESO – near Bonestrewn Crest