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ESO – The Hatching Pools, Shadowfen

The Argonians have such a rich creation story, and when that is tied so inextricably to the growth of the species, you know you’ve got something special – it ceases to be a myth. The Argonians live and breathe the Hist!


ESO – Malabal Tor and the Lady Caught in the Tree


This was in Treehenge in Malabal Tor. My eyes caught sight of the lady there, so peaceful in her repose.

ESO – Crow’s Wood in Davon’s Watch




One of the few places I’ve been to in Tamriel (well, technically, this is in another realm?) that has such nice purple hues.


ESO – near Elden Root

Screenshot_20140831_180735Walking towards Elden Root, one can catch sight of this waterfall. This was near dusk. The setting sun and the overcast sky mingled with the runoffs from the waterfall make me feel like I can sense life in the air.


ESO – Valenheart


Valenheart, inside Hectahame.