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ESO – Sadrith Mora, Vvardenfell


Sadrith Mora bathed in sunlight.



ESO – Auridon in the morning


Always lovely to see the greens in Auridon. Dreaming of Summerset next.


ESO – Hello and Goodbye, Wrothgar!


For now at least, my journey through Wrothgar is done. I’ll be back again to see the sun light glance off the ice floes and smell the glorious scents of Echatere and ogre roaming the woods.



ESO – Revisiting Tu’whacca’s Throne

Traversing Alik’r’s Dunes to revisit an ancient temple – Tu’whacca’s Throne.¬†The winds are electrified by the nearby dolmen; the land calls to me. Soon, soon; my duty calls first.



ESO – Daylight in Reaper’s March


Something about the sun shining through the foliage does it for me every single time. Reaper’s March feels warm. The empty deserts of the Alik’r are dead. But Reaper’s March feels alive, a poignant thought since it was littered, once upon a time, with the remains of yesterday’s dead.

ESO – Basking in Eastmarch’s Sun


Eastmarch is a warm surprise after having explored Coldharbour. You can almost smell the grass and the life that’s here. Coldharbour in contrast was… dead. There was no life, only a semblance of it. It chills the heart to go there.



ESO – Behold the pale sun


The shipwrecks of Coldharbour are interesting to say the least. I like moving through them, especially when the skeletons have become friendly. Much less antagonistic that way.



ESO – Near the Sunken Road


Beautiful sunset near the Sunken Road. Love the shadows.



ESO – Weeping Giant


North of Stormhaven is the Weeping Giant wayshrine. Now I know why. I wonder who carved this, and why it looks vaguely¬†Akaviri. Where’s the rest of it?

ESO – Auridon


Lens flare when facing the setting sun as I look at a ship I just set afire.