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ESO – Stormhaven – Waiting


Stormhaven consistently gives me a conflicted feeling of things suspended in pregnant anticipation.



ESO – Weeping Giant


North of Stormhaven is the Weeping Giant wayshrine. Now I know why. I wonder who carved this, and why it looks vaguely Akaviri. Where’s the rest of it?

ESO – Bonesnap Ruins


Not a shot that’s about the scenery per se, but got this shot just as we were done with Bonesnap Ruins, a public dungeon in Stormhaven. The Argonian on the left is Jul’, the commander of Darkwatch Tavern. I’m playing Bites-His-Claws, Jul’s eggbrother.

ESO – shipwreck


A shipwreck off the coast of Stormhaven, where a deadly crab resides.

ESO – Stormhaven


ESO has some of the most amazing loading screens, in my opinion. One of my favourites is this one on Stormhaven. The sun, peeking out of the cloud canopy, the touch of electricity in the air, the promise of rain. I can almost feel the wind.