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ESO – Fell’s Run


What is it about Rivenspire and its misty skies?




ESO – Grahtwood in the morning


Sunrise in Grahtwood


You can almost smell the morning sun, mingled in the soft dew of the foliage. The water rushes, and the sounds of the living begin to fill the air. Somewhere near, the inhabitants of Grahtwood discuss the beginnings of the day, vaguely aware that some end might come to bear but helpless to prevent it. Life ,as they know it, goes on when the nightmare that clings to them each night washes off with the rising dawn.



Skyrim – Approaching Silver Moons at sunset


Skyrim – Sunset over White River Watch

Dusk while at the cliff atop White River Watch. The auroras are just streaming in as the day’s light ebbs.

ESO – Along a windy path in Eastmarch

Ahhh Eastmarch with its sun and its snow. So much as it is 1000 years later.


Skyrim – Skylight

Revisiting Skyrim always takes my breath away.

ESO – Basking in Eastmarch’s Sun


Eastmarch is a warm surprise after having explored Coldharbour. You can almost smell the grass and the life that’s here. Coldharbour in contrast was… dead. There was no life, only a semblance of it. It chills the heart to go there.



ESO – Behold the pale sun


The shipwrecks of Coldharbour are interesting to say the least. I like moving through them, especially when the skeletons have become friendly. Much less antagonistic that way.



ESO – Stirk


Somehow, the lighting is always like this in Stirk. I’ve been there with 4 characters now, and it’s all been like this. Beautiful soft pink blue and lavender hues. Wish there was a town there I could stay in.

ESO – Crow’s Wood in Davon’s Watch




One of the few places I’ve been to in Tamriel (well, technically, this is in another realm?) that has such nice purple hues.