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ESO – Westwind Lighthouse, Rivenspire


An otherwise peaceful journey through the night led me to the Westwind Lighthouse, in the north of Rivenspire. Cosy place, with its own crafting stations as well.


ESO – Doomcrag


Coming back to Doomcrag with another character always feels somehow like I’m coming home. And none of mine are vamps.


ESO – Fell’s Run


What is it about Rivenspire and its misty skies?



ESO – Fell’s Run at dawn

Screenshot_20150724_045220Revisiting a place at a different time gives quite a different feel. This is Fell’s Run, in Rivenspire. It’s a nice change from the dreary, dry landscape of south Rivenspire. This place seems to bring about an anticipation of new life.



ESO – Doomcrag

Doomcrag is a majestic sight/site to behold, especially when the winds are whispering death wishes in your ears as a silent thunder fills the sky. Something awful is up there, and I’m about to meet it.

ESO – Hoarfrost Down, Rivenspire

Hoarfrost Down in Rivenspire, Nightfall.

ESO – Rivenspire

Rivenspire has quite varied terrain. The wilds look foreboding, lonely. The lived-in areas look almost homely.

Fell’s Run