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ESO – Fell’s Run


What is it about Rivenspire and its misty skies?




ESO – Fell’s Run at dawn

Screenshot_20150724_045220Revisiting a place at a different time gives quite a different feel. This is Fell’s Run, in Rivenspire. It’s a nice change from the dreary, dry landscape of south Rivenspire. This place seems to bring about an anticipation of new life.



ESO – Doomcrag

Doomcrag is a majestic sight/site to behold, especially when the winds are whispering death wishes in your ears as a silent thunder fills the sky. Something awful is up there, and I’m about to meet it.

ESO – Hoarfrost Down, Rivenspire

Hoarfrost Down in Rivenspire, Nightfall.

ESO – Rivenspire

Rivenspire has quite varied terrain. The wilds look foreboding, lonely. The lived-in areas look almost homely.

Fell’s Run