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ESO -Murkmire Finds


The fascinating thing about this is that I can’t get at the gold.



ESO – Favourite Musical Family


When Inozuka travels in Vvardenfell and make a pit-stop near Vos, she makes sure to drop in on her favourite music family who stations themselves atop a treehouse. They are silent in their reverie and she can have her meal in peace.

(Seriously if someone can give me a backstory on how and why they are here and posed this way, that’ll be great. Maybe there’s a note somewhere; I can’t remember.)


ESO – Khajiit and his three cats contemplating life in Elden Root


I wonder what his story is. His cats meow aroumd him and seem to find peace in his company. Perhaps one day I will seek his wisdom with cats.


ESO Character line-up!


Here are my 15 (yes 15) characters in their usual costumes. (Some change out during battle.) I’m loathe to delete characters once they are properly formed, and each of them have a background written up. Some of them have backstories that are connected to others, but some aren’t.

And of course, like real people, they change and develop over time. Not all of them do the Mages’ Guild quests, or the Fighter’s Guild. Only some of them will be doing the Psijic questline that is coming with Summerset. All of them have their own houses decorated according to their preferences and inclinations, but sometimes, some of them can go visit those that they know.

The addition of the Outfit system is great. It allowed me to customise them even more. You’ll also notice most of the colours are muted. I like it that way.

I wish Zenimax would add more hairstyles and personalities but it’s been great so far! (Did I say I love love love ESO?) These characters have been helping me with the Jubilee Festival too! (Yay Gift Boxes!)


ESO – Abnur Tharn


I like the colour contrast.

ESO – The Sunken Road


In Bangkorai, there’s a quest inside this cavern that’s called <the sunken road> because it tunnels out to another area. It’s huge inside. And this skeleton is erected right on top of this mound. If he died that way, it must have been a heroic death. It’s like a last stand of sorts.


This is Arinya Stromwild.

Arinya Stromwild

She’s my primary character in my PC at home, whose specs aren’t that great, so I can’t load a lot of nice HD stuff for her to run around in 😦


She keeps asking me if I’m ill.

ScreenShot188 (1)

I think she’s trying to scam me.