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ESO – Malabal Tor and the Lady Caught in the Tree


This was in Treehenge in Malabal Tor. My eyes caught sight of the lady there, so peaceful in her repose.


ESO – Tempest Island



The clouds in Tempest Island were adrift with some strange magic. Unnatural lightning filled the air, inciting tension and high tempers. It was fun.



After our brief foray into the island, Mireufir’eth stopped to look back at what she left behind, before saying farewell to this once forbidden place.




ESO – Malabal Tor Ruins


In Malabal Tor, there lies a ruin. Inside, these balls of light.

ESO – A wedding in Silvenar


The wedding between the Silvenar and the Green Lady is ceremonious, but without too much pomp. I have issues about them having to follow tradition like that. She left her childhood sweetheart Ulthorn because the Green Lady is supposed to wed the Silvenar, like something decreed it. I’m very uncomfortable with that. But that’s a different lore from real life, so.