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ESO – Sadrith Mora, Vvardenfell


Sadrith Mora bathed in sunlight.



ESO – Along Artaeum’s Coast


Does the sun set in Artaeum? I haven’t noticed. Too distracted by the light.

ESO – One of those days in Coldharbour


Stepping out of Cicero’s, Asta Falk was surprised to see that for once, the light had pierced through the blue-gray hues of Coldharbour and bathed the town with its warm, yellow, life-giving light.


ESO – Stormhaven – Waiting


Stormhaven consistently gives me a conflicted feeling of things suspended in pregnant anticipation.


ESO – Cavern of the Incarnate, Vvardenfell



Azura – the Lady of Twilight, Mother of the Rose and Queen of the Night Sky.

ESO – In King’s Guard a Dolmen Festers



ESO – Morrowind – All is silent


The atmosphere is fantastic, and the colours – light against metal – are indescribable. This reminds me of the Isle of the Dead by Arnold Bocklin. I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe I was reminded of Giger’s version, and of this quote by Stephen King in the Wastelands.

“All is silent in the halls of the dead. All is forgotten in the stone halls of the dead, Behold the stairways which stand in darkness; behold the rooms of ruin. These are the halls of the dead where the spiders spin and the great circuits fall quiet, one by one.”

Except here, the spiders spin other things.



ESO – Spellscar!

screenshot_20170129_003020Mireukura-Rin went exploring Spellscar. It sure is pretty! Biter thinks so too!


ESO – Misty morning in Wrothgar


The air sizzles in anticipation of the day ahead. The ice crackles, the bears roar. In the distance, thunder. I wash my face in the steady stream and wonder… What is that sound of heavy metal clanking behind me?

ESO – The Shifting Sands of the Alik’r


The sun burns slow in the Alik’r Desert. I feel the sand against my skin, drawing the moisture from my tired body. I must move before the night falls. The coyotes come.

“And the dead tree gives no shelter, the crickets no relief” ~ The Waste Land, T.S. Eliot