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ESO – Grahtwood in the morning


Sunrise in Grahtwood


You can almost smell the morning sun, mingled in the soft dew of the foliage. The water rushes, and the sounds of the living begin to fill the air. Somewhere near, the inhabitants of Grahtwood discuss the beginnings of the day, vaguely aware that some end might come to bear but helpless to prevent it. Life ,as they know it, goes on when the nightmare that clings to them each night washes off with the rising dawn.




ESO – Grahtwood – Table and Webs


The spiders in this quest were a pain. I was pleasantly surprised to see this little setup in the corner of the cave. Somebody’s been experimenting on spider venom and we know who it is!

ESO – near Elden Root

Screenshot_20140831_180735Walking towards Elden Root, one can catch sight of this waterfall. This was near dusk. The setting sun and the overcast sky mingled with the runoffs from the waterfall make me feel like I can sense life in the air.


ESO – The Ossuary of Telcar in Grahtwood



This was a lovely place to be in. Queen Aryenn was to get acknowledged and Prince Naemon had issues. Sometimes I wonder what it’ll be like to be in Prince Naemon’s shoes, the kingship and in your grasp and then your long lost sister comes and you have to give it all up. hmm.