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ESO – Books a’burning

When I first laid eyes on this dungeon, this scene scared me. So many books burning. Think of all the ideas and concepts lost in eternity. Every time books burn, part of me dies.


ESO – In a Dungeon


This was a cave within a dungeon. I think it was one in the Aldmeri Dominion, but I could be wrong. Tamriel is so vast, that sometimes I forget where I am. The running water, the light from the hole above adds a nice touch and a reason for the foliage to exist here. It was a beautiful sight in the first person perspective – that, I remember.

TES V: Skyrim – Bleak Falls Sanctum


I begin my sojourn into Bleak Fall Sanctum, the first ruin I encounter. I’m supposed to go find a golden claw for the merchant in Riverwood. His sister led me just outside of town. I’m not sure why her brother won’t let her venture much farther. She’s a grown woman after all. But suffice to say I went ahead anyway, even if she just left me there. She paused a number of times too. Maybe her brother is worried she’d get lost.



Ahh, the familiar layout.



I really like what the modders are doing with the textures. The game is a beautiful thing, but the modders really fleshed it out. My PC isn’t even the top end sort. I wonder what they see when they load the 4k textures. *envy*



The first dragon wall Endariil encounters. Of course it will be fus-ro-dah!



This is Endariil. She’s a Ningheim. Her hair is something else, and she’ll be playing this round of Skyrim.



ESO – Inside a dungeon in Eastmarch


Screenshot_20141016_030309Standing in a passage way, I turn left and right. Both are sights to behold!



ESO – light in an Ayleid ruin


I like the light reflecting off the walls of the Ayleid ruins. Looks slightly wet though.


ESO – Light in the Ruins


Lighting in an icy ruins.

ESO – Crow’s Wood in Davon’s Watch




One of the few places I’ve been to in Tamriel (well, technically, this is in another realm?) that has such nice purple hues.


ESO – Bonesnap Ruins


Not a shot that’s about the scenery per se, but got this shot just as we were done with Bonesnap Ruins, a public dungeon in Stormhaven. The Argonian on the left is Jul’, the commander of Darkwatch Tavern. I’m playing Bites-His-Claws, Jul’s eggbrother.

Inside places

ScreenShot82 (1)