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ESO – Grahtwood, along the way


Although the War Orphan’s Sojourn is an important part of the New Life Festival, Mirryu couldn’t resist this sight; Molag Bal’s corruption so close to her meant she has to do one thing first – slay his minions.



ESO – Stormhaven – Waiting


Stormhaven consistently gives me a conflicted feeling of things suspended in pregnant anticipation.


ESO – A desert, an oasis and a brooding dolmen



ESO – In King’s Guard a Dolmen Festers



ESO – Revisiting Tu’whacca’s Throne

Traversing Alik’r’s Dunes to revisit an ancient temple – Tu’whacca’s Throne.┬áThe winds are electrified by the nearby dolmen; the land calls to me. Soon, soon; my duty calls first.



ESO – A dolmen, starting


Mournoth dolmen, starting up. I’ve got a good view from one of the many ┬ábroken planks of one of the many mangled ships. The thing is, Halcyon Lake is a lake. Where did the ships come from? Where do they sail to? Perhaps once upon a time it wasn’t a lake. There’s no way to tell now.