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ESO – There waits Nomeg Chal


Nomeg Chal waits in his frozen prison – the Chill Hollow – for his next unlucky challenger.



ESO – Cave Lighting

One of the many cave systems in Tamriel. This one, I believe is in Bangkorai, but I could be wrong, since time has been a little fuzzy these few days. The lighting, as always, makes me feel immersed in that precious warmth.

ESO – structures and lighting in a rundown cave


Cave system in Reaper’s March. The blue and orange contrast seems to work for me.

ESO – The Sunken Road


In Bangkorai, there’s a quest inside this cavern that’s called <the sunken road> because it tunnels out to another area. It’s huge inside. And this skeleton is erected right on top of this mound. If he died that way, it must have been a heroic death. It’s like a last stand of sorts.

ESO – ice and caves in Bleakrock Isle

Screenshot_20140826_024319The lighting at the far end made me want to turn back and take a shot before I left Bleakrock Isle for Bal Foyen. How much do I love the scenes in ESO?


Inside places

ScreenShot82 (1)