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ESO – At Far Shores, Bangkorai


The two statues always seem to me that they are giving high-fives to one another. But that wasn’t what caught my eye this time. The purple-blue shades of the sky was so strangely incongruent with the sun shining down at me. I had to remind myself where I was – they didn’t call it Far Shores for nothing!




ESO – A dolmen, starting


Mournoth dolmen, starting up. I’ve got a good view from one of the many  broken planks of one of the many mangled ships. The thing is, Halcyon Lake is a lake. Where did the ships come from? Where do they sail to? Perhaps once upon a time it wasn’t a lake. There’s no way to tell now.



ESO – Yanurah’s Respite, Bangkorai

Yanurah’s Respite is a Point of Interest in Bangkorai. The name of the cattle in this picture is Yanurah. Therefore, the respite is hers/his. This is one one of the many many small things that are interesting in Tamriel. Free weekend for ex-beta players is this weekend. I’m worried about server lag that might ruin their experience, but more should really give this game a run-through. It was just too short-sighted if they merely saw it at beta, or heard some bad reviews and decided it wasn’t worth their time. We should always come to conclusions by ourselves than be led to them. That’s what I think anyway.

(I didn’t do a screen capture with Yanurah’s name, because my screen cap would have included a whole lot of other (distracting) things. Go find Yanurah yourself!)

ESO – At Far Shores, Bangkorai

Before entering the Far Shores, this is what I saw – a marvellous vista of sandstone figures lining up as if to greet whoever has made it this far.

ESO – Cave Lighting

One of the many cave systems in Tamriel. This one, I believe is in Bangkorai, but I could be wrong, since time has been a little fuzzy these few days. The lighting, as always, makes me feel immersed in that precious warmth.

ESO – At Far Shores



One of the last places connected to the main quest in Bangkorai. If you look at the second and third pictures, you’ll see that the statues all have their right hands up, as is waving. Coupled with the name of the place – at far shores – I’d think they are waving goodbye. It’s strange that they’re facing the centre platform though. Kind of reminds me of the Easter Island statues.







ESO – Near the Sunken Road


Beautiful sunset near the Sunken Road. Love the shadows.



ESO – The Sunken Road


In Bangkorai, there’s a quest inside this cavern that’s called <the sunken road> because it tunnels out to another area. It’s huge inside. And this skeleton is erected right on top of this mound. If he died that way, it must have been a heroic death. It’s like a last stand of sorts.