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ESO – The Shifting Sands of the Alik’r


The sun burns slow in the Alik’r Desert. I feel the sand against my skin, drawing the moisture from my tired body. I must move before the night falls. The coyotes come.

“And the dead tree gives no shelter, the crickets no relief” ~ The Waste Land, T.S. Eliot


ESO – Grahtwood in the morning


Sunrise in Grahtwood


You can almost smell the morning sun, mingled in the soft dew of the foliage. The water rushes, and the sounds of the living begin to fill the air. Somewhere near, the inhabitants of Grahtwood discuss the beginnings of the day, vaguely aware that some end might come to bear but helpless to prevent it. Life ,as they know it, goes on when the nightmare that clings to them each night washes off with the rising dawn.



ESO – Stirk, same old same old


Every time I go to Stirk, and I’ve been there at least ten times, I almost always arrive at nearly but not always the same time – the magic hour just reaching its last tendrils over before the evening ends and night begins. The sun nears the horizon; night gathers above, bejeweled and waiting. I imagine that the sea breeze is balmy, and perhaps I can taste sorrow in the air – the Crimson Ship carried its burden hopeless into that endless Abecean Sea and were lost. Who mourns them?



ESO – Sancre Tor


Sancre Tor.

I remember this place in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. It was a sprawling ruin. Skeletons littered the place only to be awakened when the living walked too near. The events in Oblivion took place in the third Era; and we’re here now in the second. Now, the ruins reeks of abandonment, of neglect. It must have been resplendent once. But when?

ESO – In a Dungeon


This was a cave within a dungeon. I think it was one in the Aldmeri Dominion, but I could be wrong. Tamriel is so vast, that sometimes I forget where I am. The running water, the light from the hole above adds a nice touch and a reason for the foliage to exist here. It was a beautiful sight in the first person perspective – that, I remember.

ESO – At Far Shores, Bangkorai

Before entering the Far Shores, this is what I saw – a marvellous vista of sandstone figures lining up as if to greet whoever has made it this far.

ESO – Doomcrag

Doomcrag is a majestic sight/site to behold, especially when the winds are whispering death wishes in your ears as a silent thunder fills the sky. Something awful is up there, and I’m about to meet it.

ESO – Hoarfrost Down, Rivenspire

Hoarfrost Down in Rivenspire, Nightfall.

ESO – Rivenspire

Rivenspire has quite varied terrain. The wilds look foreboding, lonely. The lived-in areas look almost homely.

Fell’s Run

Skyrim – Skylight

Revisiting Skyrim always takes my breath away.