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ESO – A congregation of cats


I love cats, but sometimes, their informal conferences make me wonder what they are plotting.



ESO – Death & Consequences

Screenshot_20150817_022207Not sure what to make of what must have happened hereĀ – the bottle, the shade, the lonely death, andĀ the fungi that sprouted.

ESO – Malabal Tor and the Lady Caught in the Tree


This was in Treehenge in Malabal Tor. My eyes caught sight of the lady there, so peaceful in her repose.

ESO – Uses for Skeletons II


I’ve got to say, the developers do have a sense of humour!



ESO – Uses for Skeletons


Interesting that it’s the bandits who found quite interesting uses for the fallen, no doubt aided by the disregard they had for those who have died. This skeleton was propped by a spear of sorts, and dangles a lamp to show the way.



ESO – In a Dungeon


This was a cave within a dungeon. I think it was one in the Aldmeri Dominion, but I could be wrong. Tamriel is so vast, that sometimes I forget where I am. The running water, the light from the hole above adds a nice touch and a reason for the foliage to exist here. It was a beautiful sight in the first person perspective – that, I remember.

ESO – Grahtwood, Elden Root

The interior of Elden Root is really quite pretty. The lights sparkle, and there’s a faint smell of wood that lingers in the air. It feels festive all the time when you’re there. The only trouble is – the distance. Too far to run to places within Elden Root. And they don’t even let us ride the horse.

ESO – Grahtwood – Table and Webs


The spiders in this quest were a pain. I was pleasantly surprised to see this little setup in the corner of the cave. Somebody’s been experimenting on spider venom and we know who it is!

ESO – Leaving Vulkwasten


ESO – Tempest Island



The clouds in Tempest Island were adrift with some strange magic. Unnatural lightning filled the air, inciting tension and high tempers. It was fun.



After our brief foray into the island, Mireufir’eth stopped to look back at what she left behind, before saying farewell to this once forbidden place.