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ESO – Uses for Skeletons II


I’ve got to say, the developers do have a sense of humour!




ESO – Uses for Skeletons


Interesting that it’s the bandits who found quite interesting uses for the fallen, no doubt aided by the disregard they had for those who have died. This skeleton was propped by a spear of sorts, and dangles a lamp to show the way.



ESO – Doomcrag

Doomcrag is a majestic sight/site to behold, especially when the winds are whispering death wishes in your ears as a silent thunder fills the sky. Something awful is up there, and I’m about to meet it.

ESO – Leaving Vulkwasten


ESO – Tempest Island



The clouds in Tempest Island were adrift with some strange magic. Unnatural lightning filled the air, inciting tension and high tempers. It was fun.



After our brief foray into the island, Mireufir’eth stopped to look back at what she left behind, before saying farewell to this once forbidden place.




ESO – Stros M’Kai: Lighthouse at night



Exploring Stros M’Kai in Cadwell’s Silver as Anja Stromgren, my VR1 DK.



ESO – At Far Shores



One of the last places connected to the main quest in Bangkorai. If you look at the second and third pictures, you’ll see that the statues all have their right hands up, as is waving. Coupled with the name of the place – at far shores – I’d think they are waving goodbye. It’s strange that they’re facing the centre platform though. Kind of reminds me of the Easter Island statues.







TES V: Skyrim – Bleak Falls Sanctum


I begin my sojourn into Bleak Fall Sanctum, the first ruin I encounter. I’m supposed to go find a golden claw for the merchant in Riverwood. His sister led me just outside of town. I’m not sure why her brother won’t let her venture much farther. She’s a grown woman after all. But suffice to say I went ahead anyway, even if she just left me there. She paused a number of times too. Maybe her brother is worried she’d get lost.



Ahh, the familiar layout.



I really like what the modders are doing with the textures. The game is a beautiful thing, but the modders really fleshed it out. My PC isn’t even the top end sort. I wonder what they see when they load the 4k textures. *envy*



The first dragon wall Endariil encounters. Of course it will be fus-ro-dah!



This is Endariil. She’s a Ningheim. Her hair is something else, and she’ll be playing this round of Skyrim.



TES V: Skyrim – Revisiting Skyrim


Since I can’t play ESO at the moment, while I wait for the subscription problem to go away, I decided to take a trip 1000 years into the future to revisit Skyrim. It’s early morning, but the storm clouds have gathered, and it looks like it might be a hard rain.



Along the way to Falkreath from Whiterun, I met M’aiq the Liar and talked to him for a bit. I like that I could speak to him 1000 years after meeting him in Tamriel. I’m of course a different person, but M’aiq is eternal. He seems to have kept his good looks too! But he didn’t chat for long. As always, he was on his way after a few short exchanges.



I found shelter in a hunter’s cabin I probably put there myself, and spent some time looking at the motes of dust drifting down from the storm-sun beams. Funny. I couldn’t feel a draft. There was a key to an empty lockbox by the shelf below the map. I wonder who used to live here.


ESO – Inside a dungeon in Eastmarch


Screenshot_20141016_030309Standing in a passage way, I turn left and right. Both are sights to behold!