Adventures in Tamriel

Beginner Basics

15 super-beginner basics to get you started on ESO

Do the Tutorial, at least for your first character.

IF you’ve done this play-through before, you will be given the option to skip it.

In Coldharbour and elsewhere, loot everything. Everything. If this is your first character, you’re going to need lockpicks (for… lockpicking – lots of experience points early game) and solvents (for alchemy) and ingredients (for provisioning).

Press ESC and go to Settings > Gameplay > Prevent attacking innocents. If you’re starting out, you may accidentally kill someone. You don’t want that on your conscience. And you don’t want the guards to kill you.

Read everything on bookshelves. These random selections will give you a limited number (10 in total for each skill) of skill points.

Explore the starter islands – they’ll give you about 3 to 5 levels and 6 skyshards which will translate to 3 attribute points (from levels) and 2 skill points (from skyshards) that you can put in either weapon skill or class skills.

Bleakrock Isle (Ebonheart)
Kenarthi’s Roost (Aldmeri)
Stros M’kai and Betnikh (Daggerfall)

Remap your interrupt key from LMB+RMB to a keyboard keystroke; it’ll save you a ton of missed opportunities in the future.

Put the first three skill points into each of your class trees so that you will level them up early. They will remain at 0 unless you do so.

Slot an ability you want to train in your hotbar, even if you’re not going to use it. It will still level up.

Start crafting early – There are nine traits to learn in all for weapons/ armor. Each subsequent trait will take twice as long for you to learn it.

The first trait takes over five hours. The last trait takes, without any perks, 30 days to learn. Start crafting early.

Deconstruct everything that has no research-able traits. (Research the ones that do.) This will level up your crafting skills for future use. You’ll need them to craft your own armor sets, which will be much better than whatever you can find.

Wear an armor of each type (heavy, medium, light) – so you’ll acquire skills points for all three, in case you need to change out in the future.

The largest pieces (most numbers) are the head, chest and leg pieces. In the beginning, enchanting them might be all you need.
light armor helps magicka users, medium armor helps stamina users and heavy armor helps with spell and physical resistance. Would-be tanks might find this handy.

Upgrade your storage – both your bank and on your person.

Feed your bank – store all gear with researchable traits, all material and trait stones. Bank is account-accessible. If you’re on ESO+ (which I highly recommend), this will be a non-issue.

Crafting will use things in the bank. You don’t have to extract them from the bank manually to use them. This makes it easier to craft/ do research if you switch between characters a lot.

Learn the blue and purple recipes.

Green recipes boost one attribute; blue ones boost two; purple ones boost all three attributes. You’ll need this.
Start collecting ingredients too. See Point 2.

H summons and unsummons your horse.

Go to the stable master for riding lessons every 20 hours where you can either increase your mount’s speed, stamina or capacity (inventory space on person).

If you bought the Imperial edition, you can buy the Imperial horse at a stable for 1g.

If you did not buy the Imperial edition, you can buy the cheapest horse from the stable at 10,000g or you can buy one from the Crown Store.

Last words

Get some good addons. You can find these at Our wiki has a nice list.

Truly explore Tamriel. Take in the sights. Feel the breeze. Talk to its citizens. This game will give you much more if you do these.