Adventures in Tamriel


[Updated 16.08.2018] * are new.

Addons are a great addition to games. They add usability and convenience. For ESO, this is what you should do first, if you want to add them:

Here’s a list of great addons I found useful. You can read the descriptions on ESOUI or on Minion:

1. Map Pins* (This can technically replace Skyshards, Lost Treasure and Destinations.)
2. LoreBooks
3. Photographer
4. Skyshards-
5. Lost Treasure-

1. Research Assistant
2. Craftstore Wolfhunter
3. Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter
4. ESO Master Recipe List
5. Furniture Catalogue
6. Crafting Preview
7. Harvestmap
8. Potion Maker

1. FTC or AUI or Bandits User Interface (I really like this one.)
2. Votan’s minimap
3. Harven’s Improved Skill Window
4. Harven’s Extended Stats
5. Greymind’s quick slot bar
6. Inventory Insight from Ashes
7. Itemization Browser
8. Combat Metrics
9. RaidNotifier
10. Ravalox’s QuestTracker
11. Votan’s keybinder
12. Wykkyd’s tools

1. Votan’s Fish Fillet
2. Votan’s Fisherman
3. Rare Fish Tracker

1. Awesome Guild Store
2. Master Merchant
3. Tamriel Trade Centre