Adventures in Tamriel


Stormhaven – Waiting


Stormhaven consistently gives me a conflicted feeling of things suspended in pregnant anticipation.



ESO – The Hunting Grounds


Answering Hircine’s call.



ESO: Morrowind – Behold that Star!




Malacath O Malacath


I was torn. I didn’t know what to do. He was willing; that didn’t make it feel any better. Still, I had a bigger issue to think of.


Goats, Goats Everywhere!

The arid desert of the Alik’r is home to a surprising number of goats. They feed on the pitiful vegetation that springs tentatively from the cracked dry ground. Also surprisingly, I find no leavings of the goats in the dry land. Perhaps they eat them too.



A moment’s peace in the Valley of the Blades


The smoke carries the smell of burnt flesh and steel. The cries turned to screams and then to silence, the only sounds the crackling of bones and tentative footsteps on broken ground.


I was looking into role-playing for Elder Scrolls Online, and of course I stumbled across sites that discuss the alignment of characters, and was intrigued at how the test seem to be much more worthy of … any one’s time, really. Even OKCupid had a rather decent, if badly spelled, test that was 6 pages long!

In most of these tests, I scored True Neutral; some leaned towards Neutral-Good. I was doing the test as myself and I think my characters that I have constructed in Skyrim and Oblivion are mostly this way too. However, when I play a sword-wielding character, I would tend towards lawful good. And even when I played assassin-type characters, I would tend towards chaotic good. I could not stomach most of the Dark Brotherhood quests – they just went against what I believed, mostly.

This particular site has a pretty good test. It’s based of Dungeons and Dragons and I like that the site gives a pretty good overview of the personality. I’m an INTP too, and this seems to fit in with who I am.