Adventures in Tamriel


ESO – Reservoir of Souls


One day, I’ll take the time to figure out what the Daedric script says. Until then, on to more adventures!



ESO – In a Bubble and Away We Go!


I look forward to this every single time.



ESO – Morrowind – Behold that Star!




ESO – Storytime details

Sometimes when you look around, when you stop to take in your surroundings, you see details that have been left there by the powers that be. Some are huge, and some are so surprising you can’t help but break into a smile. 

I was at Argent Mine, yesterday, and a few lifetimes ago. This wasn’t the first time I noticed them, hanging in their eternal loft. Whatever it was that killed them, they seemed to die happy, or in horror. I’ll never know. 

ESO – Carvings in Wrothgar


The carving is one of many found in Wrothgar. Who carved them? They look nothing like the monkeys we see in the wild, and surely the ogres do not have such sophistication that such dexterity requires. Could it be the Tang Mo left them long ago?



ESO – Death & Consequences

Screenshot_20150817_022207Not sure what to make of what must have happened here – the bottle, the shade, the lonely death, and the fungi that sprouted.

ESO – Malabal Tor and the Lady Caught in the Tree


This was in Treehenge in Malabal Tor. My eyes caught sight of the lady there, so peaceful in her repose.

ESO – Uses for Skeletons


Interesting that it’s the bandits who found quite interesting uses for the fallen, no doubt aided by the disregard they had for those who have died. This skeleton was propped by a spear of sorts, and dangles a lamp to show the way.



ESO – Yanurah’s Respite, Bangkorai

Yanurah’s Respite is a Point of Interest in Bangkorai. The name of the cattle in this picture is Yanurah. Therefore, the respite is hers/his. This is one one of the many many small things that are interesting in Tamriel. Free weekend for ex-beta players is this weekend. I’m worried about server lag that might ruin their experience, but more should really give this game a run-through. It was just too short-sighted if they merely saw it at beta, or heard some bad reviews and decided it wasn’t worth their time. We should always come to conclusions by ourselves than be led to them. That’s what I think anyway.

(I didn’t do a screen capture with Yanurah’s name, because my screen cap would have included a whole lot of other (distracting) things. Go find Yanurah yourself!)

ESO – Grahtwood – Table and Webs


The spiders in this quest were a pain. I was pleasantly surprised to see this little setup in the corner of the cave. Somebody’s been experimenting on spider venom and we know who it is!