Adventures in Tamriel


ESO – Anticipating Murkmire whilst in Shadowfen


Bites-his-Claws sometimes looks over at the sunset, wondering about Murkmire and his lost history.



ESO – Auridon in the morning


Always lovely to see the greens in Auridon. Dreaming of Summerset next.


ESO – Fell’s Run


What is it about Rivenspire and its misty skies?



ESO – In King’s Guard a Dolmen Festers



ESO – Morrowind – Behold that Star!




ESO – Stormhaven


Stormhaven with a descended dolmen truly lives up to its name.


ESO – At Far Shores, Bangkorai


The two statues always seem to me that they are giving high-fives to one another. But that wasn’t what caught my eye this time. The purple-blue shades of the sky was so strangely incongruent with the sun shining down at me. I had to remind myself where I was – they didn’t call it Far Shores for nothing!



ESO – Stirk, same old same old


Every time I go to Stirk, and I’ve been there at least ten times, I almost always arrive at nearly but not always the same time – the magic hour just reaching its last tendrils over before the evening ends and night begins. The sun nears the horizon; night gathers above, bejeweled and waiting. I imagine that the sea breeze is balmy, and perhaps I can taste sorrow in the air – the Crimson Ship carried its burden hopeless into that endless Abecean Sea and were lost. Who mourns them?



ESO – Alik’r: Tu’whacca’s Throne

Tu’whacca’s Throne in all the symmetrical glory. The sands make their home in Alik’r; so do these testaments of time.

Skyrim – Approaching Silver Moons at sunset