Adventures in Tamriel


ESO – Stormhaven


ESO has some of the most amazing loading screens, in my opinion. One of my favourites is this one on Stormhaven. The sun, peeking out of the cloud canopy, the touch of electricity in the air, the promise of rain. I can almost feel the wind.


ESO – The Ossuary of Telcar in Grahtwood



This was a lovely place to be in. Queen Aryenn was to get acknowledged and Prince Naemon had issues. Sometimes I wonder what it’ll be like to be in Prince Naemon’s shoes, the kingship and in your grasp and then your long lost sister comes and you have to give it all up. hmm.


ESo – Eyevea


Aww… how sweet. Two daedras having fun in Eyevea.

ESO – near Bonestrewn Crest


ESO – Mistwatch Crevasse



This is Arinya Stromwild.

Arinya Stromwild

She’s my primary character in my PC at home, whose specs aren’t that great, so I can’t load a lot of nice HD stuff for her to run around in 😦


Inside the Bannered Mare

The Bannered Mare

Hasn’t started filling up yet! This is taken with my not-so-good computer, with my entry level graphic card :/ So mods aren’t fully loaded  and the non-HD just hurts my eyes.


The lighting is awesome.


She keeps asking me if I’m ill.

ScreenShot188 (1)

I think she’s trying to scam me.

Inside places

ScreenShot82 (1)