Adventures in Tamriel


ESO – A Lovecraftian Summerset


I don’t know what it is about this place in the north of Summerset. Joined a party that wanted to find out what happened to his family here, and ended up in the murky underground and a story worthy of lovecraftian fiction.

Still, I love this place. It’s abandoned and there’s moss growing all over the place. It’s also distinctly un-Summerset like. But it is peaceful. I revisit it time and again. And if I tire of the solitude (rare but not unheard of), I can always re-join them at the campfire.



ESO – Fang Spires, Deshaan


Oh. That’s where the name came from.


ESO – Sunset in Hew’s Bane



ESO – Ebon Sanctum, Summerset


Ebon Sanctum in Summerset is a gorgeous, otherworldly place I would visit over and over, if only it were not sooooo confusing to get there.


ESO – Along Artaeum’s Coast


Does the sun set in Artaeum? I haven’t noticed. Too distracted by the light.

ESO – Hello Artaeum


Artaeum is gorgeous.

ESO – A quiet morning in Ald’ruhn


Inozuka relishes the early mornings in Ald’ruhn. There’s a vague uneasy peace mingled with the smoke of the bonfire, signalling the day has just begun.


ESO – Doomcrag from a distance, and on a misty night


Rivenspire is a wondrous place –¬† mixed terrain, lots of landmarks and identifiable sights. And for a brief moment, we meet the very charming¬†Count Verandis Ravenwatch. I miss him.


ESO – Favourite Musical Family


When Inozuka travels in Vvardenfell and make a pit-stop near Vos, she makes sure to drop in on her favourite music family who stations themselves atop a treehouse. They are silent in their reverie and she can have her meal in peace.

(Seriously if someone can give me a backstory on how and why they are here and posed this way, that’ll be great. Maybe there’s a note somewhere; I can’t remember.)


ESO – A nook in Crow’s Wood


Someone thought Crow’s Wood was great (as do I), and made a reading nook on one of its isles. So cosy, skulls notwithstanding!