Adventures in Tamriel

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ESO – The Matron’s Clutch, Stonefalls

screenshot_20160721_222908It was only after the battle that I had time to look at the night sky where Masser and Secunda were, ensconced in their starry embrace. The smell of sea salt mingled with the blood of the Dreugh as their broodmother lay slain. I hadn’t noticed that the corals glowed.


ESO – The Hatching Pools, Shadowfen

The Argonians have such a rich creation story, and when that is tied so inextricably to the growth of the species, you know you’ve got something special – it ceases to be a myth. The Argonians live and breathe the Hist!

ESO – Leaving Vulkwasten


Skyrim – Along the way to Whiterun

I passed by the Whiterun Stables and overheard a conversation that went on long after I walked by.

I heard Adrianne Avenicci talking to a guard about forging some new weapons. She thinks she’s helping out more than she’s getting credit for. I can understand :/

And onwards towards Belethor who (jokingly, I think) would sell her sister for some coin.

ESO – A wedding in Silvenar


The wedding between the Silvenar and the Green Lady is ceremonious, but without too much pomp. I have issues about them having to follow tradition like that. She left her childhood sweetheart Ulthorn because the Green Lady is supposed to wed the Silvenar, like something decreed it. I’m very uncomfortable with that. But that’s a different lore from real life, so.

ESO – Bonesnap Ruins


Not a shot that’s about the scenery per se, but got this shot just as we were done with Bonesnap Ruins, a public dungeon in Stormhaven. The Argonian on the left is Jul’, the commander of Darkwatch Tavern. I’m playing Bites-His-Claws, Jul’s eggbrother.

ESO – Valenheart


Valenheart, inside Hectahame.

ESO – Alik’r Desert and a faithful friend


ESo – Eyevea


Aww… how sweet. Two daedras having fun in Eyevea.