Adventures in Tamriel


ESO – Grahtwood, along the way


Although the War Orphan’s Sojourn is an important part of the New Life Festival, Mirryu couldn’t resist this sight; Molag Bal’s corruption so close to her meant she has to do one thing first – slay his minions.



ESO – Reservoir of Souls


One day, I’ll take the time to figure out what the Daedric script says. Until then, on to more adventures!


ESO – Cavern of the Incarnate, Vvardenfell



Azura – the Lady of Twilight, Mother of the Rose and Queen of the Night Sky.

ESO – The Hunting Grounds


Answering Hircine’s call.


ESO – Hermaeus Mora

Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora is the Dark Prince of Knowledge. He is the Daedric Prince whom I prefer the most. Because, knowledge, amirite? This was a quest in Bangkorai, and I’ve never noticed he’s got two pupils in each eyeball. I think the Watchers have one? I guess he sees more because he knows more, but this is kind of literal.