Adventures in Tamriel

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ESO – Good Morning, Craglorn


Ahhh… Craglorn! The smell of musty trolls hit me as I wandered towards a nearby Nirncrux mine. How they stand the intermingled fragrances of the grazing welwa and the milling trolls astonishes me as I mind my own business trying to excavate some rubedite ore.


ESO – Great Elk


So… I might have been blind before but I’ve not noticed this till now.

ESO – Anticipating Murkmire whilst in Shadowfen


Bites-his-Claws sometimes looks over at the sunset, wondering about Murkmire and his lost history.


ESO – A Lovecraftian Summerset


I don’t know what it is about this place in the north of Summerset. Joined a party that wanted to find out what happened to his family here, and ended up in the murky underground and a story worthy of lovecraftian fiction.

Still, I love this place. It’s abandoned and there’s moss growing all over the place. It’s also distinctly un-Summerset like. But it is peaceful. I revisit it time and again. And if I tire of the solitude (rare but not unheard of), I can always re-join them at the campfire.


ESO – Fang Spires, Deshaan


Oh. That’s where the name came from.


ESO – One of the many gorgeous places in Summerset


I think this was Eldbur Ruins, just by the wayshrine. Lovely place.

ESO – Sunset in Hew’s Bane



ESO – Have you seen anything so full of splendour?


This splendid, majestic Indrik settles in its forest home, awaiting mighty warriors greedy for its slaughter. I try to skip this one when I can, and walk silently by others of its kind. On another note, can’t wait for Westworld Season 2 Finale!


ESO – Ebon Sanctum, Summerset


Ebon Sanctum in Summerset is a gorgeous, otherworldly place I would visit over and over, if only it were not sooooo confusing to get there.