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ESO – Books a’burning

When I first laid eyes on this dungeon, this scene scared me. So many books burning. Think of all the ideas and concepts lost in eternity. Every time books burn, part of me dies.


ESO – Sancre Tor


Sancre Tor.

I remember this place in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. It was a sprawling ruin. Skeletons littered the place only to be awakened when the living walked too near. The events in Oblivion took place in the third Era; and we’re here now in the second. Now, the ruins reeks of abandonment, of neglect. It must have been resplendent once. But when?

ESO – The Empty Table


When the Player first meets the prophet, he introduces her to the Five Companions. They are in phantom form because they belong to a past only accessible by the prophet’s memories. How empty the table is, with its wide girth and its too-few plates, its empty goblets. How empty the prophet must feel in that vastness of his memory where only the ghosts of his companions reside.

ESO – Yanurah’s Respite, Bangkorai

Yanurah’s Respite is a Point of Interest in Bangkorai. The name of the cattle in this picture is Yanurah. Therefore, the respite is hers/his. This is one one of the many many small things that are interesting in Tamriel. Free weekend for ex-beta players is this weekend. I’m worried about server lag that might ruin their experience, but more should really give this game a run-through. It was just too short-sighted if they merely saw it at beta, or heard some bad reviews and decided it wasn’t worth their time. We should always come to conclusions by ourselves than be led to them. That’s what I think anyway.

(I didn’t do a screen capture with Yanurah’s name, because my screen cap would have included a whole lot of other (distracting) things. Go find Yanurah yourself!)