Adventures in Tamriel

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ESO – Hermaeus Mora

Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora is the Dark Prince of Knowledge. He is the Daedric Prince whom I prefer the most. Because, knowledge, amirite? This was a quest in Bangkorai, and I’ve never noticed he’s got two pupils in each eyeball. I think the Watchers have one? I guess he sees more because he knows more, but this is kind of literal.


ESO – In a Dungeon


This was a cave within a dungeon. I think it was one in the Aldmeri Dominion, but I could be wrong. Tamriel is so vast, that sometimes I forget where I am. The running water, the light from the hole above adds a nice touch and a reason for the foliage to exist here. It was a beautiful sight in the first person perspective – that, I remember.

ESO – At Far Shores, Bangkorai

Before entering the Far Shores, this is what I saw – a marvellous vista of sandstone figures lining up as if to greet whoever has made it this far.

ESO – Cave Lighting

One of the many cave systems in Tamriel. This one, I believe is in Bangkorai, but I could be wrong, since time has been a little fuzzy these few days. The lighting, as always, makes me feel immersed in that precious warmth.

ESO – Grahtwood, Elden Root

The interior of Elden Root is really quite pretty. The lights sparkle, and there’s a faint smell of wood that lingers in the air. It feels festive all the time when you’re there. The only trouble is – the distance. Too far to run to places within Elden Root. And they don’t even let us ride the horse.

ESO – Grahtwood – Table and Webs


The spiders in this quest were a pain. I was pleasantly surprised to see this little setup in the corner of the cave. Somebody’s been experimenting on spider venom and we know who it is!