Adventures in Tamriel

ESO – The Black Forge (possible spoilers)

The Black Forge is Where players have to go to get Vanus Galerion of the Mages Guild. That guy is quite the egotistic character. He’s second in my books for most interesting NPC. (The first is Abnur Tharn and the third, Sir Cadwell.) All three have some strange brand of humor I seem to enjoy listening to. It’s probably a love-hate thing.

The Black Forge is as its name suggests – black-ish, and, well, with flames as a forge should be.


Moving through it is quite interesting, although if you look at the network of pipes, it all seems quite inefficient. Maybe they had to do this so the lava can be cooled somewhat before it reaches the desired temperature, but what do I know? I’m no… hmm… engineer.


The pipes must be made of some sturdy metal, however, since the pipes don’t seem to melt even though they are dipped in the lava. Or maybe the lava isn’t that hot. Hmm. Then that would negate the argument about cooling the lava. But maybe not really. hmm. It is Coldharbour, after all.


Wonder where those light sources are from. Some sort of magicka-electricity or something.


Yay Vanus! Maybe he is as terribly amazing as he says he is.




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