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ESO – Tempest Island



The clouds in Tempest Island were adrift with some strange magic. Unnatural lightning filled the air, inciting tension and high tempers. It was fun.



After our brief foray into the island, Mireufir’eth stopped to look back at what she left behind, before saying farewell to this once forbidden place.





ESO – Amulet of Kings


Sai Sahan really kept that amulet locked up nice and safe. Battling the Shadow of Sancre Tor with Stendarr’s mercy was tiring fun, but beating up Mannimarco’s butt was the best part of it all.

Happy holidays!

Beautiful Tamriel will have more posts coming right up after the Christmas holidays! I hope you enjoyed yours too, even if, like me, you don’t celebrate Christmas! 🙂

ESO – Basking in Eastmarch’s Sun


Eastmarch is a warm surprise after having explored Coldharbour. You can almost smell the grass and the life that’s here. Coldharbour in contrast was… dead. There was no life, only a semblance of it. It chills the heart to go there.



ESO – Behold the pale sun


The shipwrecks of Coldharbour are interesting to say the least. I like moving through them, especially when the skeletons have become friendly. Much less antagonistic that way.