Adventures in Tamriel

TES V: Skyrim – out of Bleak Falls and back to Riverwood


You can’t really see much here because I couldn’t really see much. When Endariil stepped out of Bleak Falls Sanctum, it was already dark out. It was also moonless and cloudy, so she couldn’t see a lot of light at all. This is what she saw. She had to move slowly because she’d heard that there were wolves on the way to South Bittershin Pass. She’s not about to let some wolves sneak up on her. She’d seen different variations of wolves recently. Some of them are the black of night. She will have to tread carefully.



It was almost dawn by the time she reached Riverwood. Sometimes, Riverwood can feel like home. Endariil thinks she’ll check in on Alvar when he opens for business. Need to craft some new armor.




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