Adventures in Tamriel

TES V: Skyrim – Revisiting Skyrim


Since I can’t play ESO at the moment, while I wait for the subscription problem to go away, I decided to take a trip 1000 years into the future to revisit Skyrim. It’s early morning, but the storm clouds have gathered, and it looks like it might be a hard rain.



Along the way to Falkreath from Whiterun, I met M’aiq the Liar and talked to him for a bit. I like that I could speak to him 1000 years after meeting him in Tamriel. I’m of course a different person, but M’aiq is eternal. He seems to have kept his good looks too! But he didn’t chat for long. As always, he was on his way after a few short exchanges.



I found shelter in a hunter’s cabin I probably put there myself, and spent some time looking at the motes of dust drifting down from the storm-sun beams. Funny. I couldn’t feel a draft. There was a key to an empty lockbox by the shelf below the map. I wonder who used to live here.



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