Adventures in Tamriel

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ESO – Inside a dungeon in Eastmarch


Screenshot_20141016_030309Standing in a passage way, I turn left and right. Both are sights to behold!




ESO – near the Lightless Oubliette


En route to save the last Ayleid king, you will come across this broken bridge. It’s in flux but never moves into position. Wonder what exactly happened here.

ESO – Stirk


Somehow, the lighting is always like this in Stirk. I’ve been there with 4 characters now, and it’s all been like this. Beautiful soft pink blue and lavender hues. Wish there was a town there I could stay in.

ESO – structures and lighting in a rundown cave


Cave system in Reaper’s March. The blue and orange contrast seems to work for me.

ESO – light in an Ayleid ruin


I like the light reflecting off the walls of the Ayleid ruins. Looks slightly wet though.


ESO – Abnur Tharn


I like the colour contrast.

ESO – fort

A formidable fort.



ESO – A Snow-filled Cave

Screenshot_20140921_014805I was enjoying the motes of dust caught in the streaming light of a sun-filled gap in the wall of a cave.

ESO – Inside a Dwemer Ruins


The lighting against the gold-ish doors gets to me every time. I love the reflection of the light on the door.