Adventures in Tamriel

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ESO – Storm in desert land


The storm follows evil.


ESO – Light in the Ruins


Lighting in an icy ruins.

ESO – Bleakrock Isle


A beached boat on snow driven land at the dock of Bleakrock Isle in the early hours of the morning, before the mist lifted.

ESO – A wedding in Silvenar


The wedding between the Silvenar and the Green Lady is ceremonious, but without too much pomp. I have issues about them having to follow tradition like that. She left her childhood sweetheart Ulthorn because the Green Lady is supposed to wed the Silvenar, like something decreed it. I’m very uncomfortable with that. But that’s a different lore from real life, so.

ESO – Fighting Mannimarco


Mannimarco explains his plot while we wait to beat him up.


ESO – Blackbriar Lodge


ESO – Weeping Giant


North of Stormhaven is the Weeping Giant wayshrine. Now I know why. I wonder who carved this, and why it looks vaguely Akaviri. Where’s the rest of it?

ESO – Coldharbor


Soul shrivens trapped in Coldharbor. I could have been one of them. Probably a good thing they have no consciousness to speak of anymore.

ESO – Crow’s Wood in Davon’s Watch




One of the few places I’ve been to in Tamriel (well, technically, this is in another realm?) that has such nice purple hues.


ESO – Heart’s Grief


On the way to kill Molag Bal. But first, a meeting with Mannimarco in Heart’s Grief.