Adventures in Tamriel


I was looking into role-playing for Elder Scrolls Online, and of course I stumbled across sites that discuss the alignment of characters, and was intrigued at how the test seem to be much more worthy of … any one’s time, really. Even OKCupid had a rather decent, if badly spelled, test that was 6 pages long!

In most of these tests, I scored True Neutral; some leaned towards Neutral-Good. I was doing the test as myself and I think my characters that I have constructed in Skyrim and Oblivion are mostly this way too. However, when I play a sword-wielding character, I would tend towards lawful good. And even when I played assassin-type characters, I would tend towards chaotic good. I could not stomach most of the Dark Brotherhood quests – they just went against what I believed, mostly.

This particular site has a pretty good test. It’s based of Dungeons and Dragons and I like that the site gives a pretty good overview of the personality. I’m an INTP too, and this seems to fit in with who I am.


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