Adventures in Tamriel


Long days, pleasant nights!

Hello!┬áThis is Beautiful Tamriel, a collection of screenshots from the Elder Scrolls games. It’s a lovely game. You should wander over.



ESO – Murkmire, architecture


I must say some of the ancient architecture in Murkmire really gives the place an otherworldly atmosphere.


ESO -Murkmire Finds


The fascinating thing about this is that I can’t get at the gold.


ESO – Westwind Lighthouse, Rivenspire


An otherwise peaceful journey through the night led me to the Westwind Lighthouse, in the north of Rivenspire. Cosy place, with its own crafting stations as well.

ESO – Doomcrag


Coming back to Doomcrag with another character always feels somehow like I’m coming home. And none of mine are vamps.


ESO – Harvest Moon in Hunter’s Glade



Took a trip to Hunter’s Glade in the Rift, a new housing option that isn’t available for sale yet. Nice wide expanse. Iirc we can remain in werewolf form there. It’s lovely, but I won’t know what to do with it. Probably leave it in its raw form. It looks like that might suit it more.


ESO – Good Morning, Craglorn


Ahhh… Craglorn! The smell of musty trolls hit me as I wandered towards a nearby Nirncrux mine. How they stand the intermingled fragrances of the grazing welwa and the milling trolls astonishes me as I mind my own business trying to excavate some rubedite ore.


ESO – Great Elk


So… I might have been blind before but I’ve not noticed this till now.

I’m Grumpy.

I’ve been playing ESO since launch. I’m not a social person and even though ESO is my first MMO, it has been fun in a single-player sense.

I used to have a guild for introverts (though not all of them were – you can just tell). We had begun to do weekly Trials and stuff but time zones suck. You see, I’m playing from GMT+8 (UTC+8) and I play (usually) from 11pm to 4am. During that time, people from my time zone are heading to bed. Those in the AEST are almost certainly asleep. It’s the afternoon for those in EST on the NA megaserver and many from the guild are at work. Some do log in sporadically, but not many. So, couple that with the fact that I don’t always feel like talking or doing things with other people, I felt it best to give the guild up to someone who could organise more activities for people in the “right” time zones. That means, for most of them, evenings in EST (which means it’s mornings for me and I’ve got to work and sleep). So, boo.

I could go to the EU megaserver. I think I could be at the right time slot for those in EU if they play in the afternoons, maybe. PR in EU megaserver is close to, and sometimes exceeding, 400 (in NA, it’s 250-290). And let me tell you, even though I don’t have the fastest fingers around, I’m actually not slow but I still can’t open the clam thing at Summerset vortexes or undo dolmen pinions fast enough compared to those with much better ping.

So now, I’m grumpy. I’ve decided to set up the Grumpy Philosophers Guild because I just want to say bahhhhhh.

Bahhhhhh to time zones. And bahhhhhh to gatekeepers. New people just want to play the game and have fun, and the gatekeeping is not helping the community. If you want to be the best, fine. But don’t rain on others’ parades if they’re actually trying or out to have good, clean fun. That’s one of the other reasons I don’t talk much. All that negativity. I’m coming home from work and I want to de-stress and explore some fun content with some nice people. I’m sure I can’t be the only one.

Yay to those who think it’s a game and the point of games is enjoyment. So yeah, I’m grumpy. But I’m grumpy about gatekeepers and time zones mostly. Here’s to hardcore casuals.

(argh this is such a rant.)

ESO – Anticipating Murkmire whilst in Shadowfen


Bites-his-Claws sometimes looks over at the sunset, wondering about Murkmire and his lost history.