Adventures in Tamriel


Long days, pleasant nights!

Hello!┬áThis is Beautiful Tamriel, a collection of screenshots from the Elder Scrolls games. It’s a lovely game. You should wander over.



ESO – Illumination Academy, Summerset


The Illumination Academy in Summerset is a quaint little place with pleasing architecture and greenery.


ESO – Sadrith Mora, Vvardenfell


Sadrith Mora bathed in sunlight.


ESO – Grahtwood, along the way


Although the War Orphan’s Sojourn is an important part of the New Life Festival, Mirryu couldn’t resist this sight; Molag Bal’s corruption so close to her meant she has to do one thing first – slay his minions.


ESO – The Golden Skull, Murkmire


Bites-His-Claws contemplates existence and the nature of evil.


ESO -Murkmire tales


I don’t know what happened here, but whatever it was, it seems sad.


ESO – Murkmire, architecture


I must say some of the ancient architecture in Murkmire really gives the place an otherworldly atmosphere.


ESO -Murkmire Finds


The fascinating thing about this is that I can’t get at the gold.


ESO – Westwind Lighthouse, Rivenspire


An otherwise peaceful journey through the night led me to the Westwind Lighthouse, in the north of Rivenspire. Cosy place, with its own crafting stations as well.

ESO – Doomcrag


Coming back to Doomcrag with another character always feels somehow like I’m coming home. And none of mine are vamps.


ESO – Harvest Moon in Hunter’s Glade



Took a trip to Hunter’s Glade in the Rift, a new housing option that isn’t available for sale yet. Nice wide expanse. Iirc we can remain in werewolf form there. It’s lovely, but I won’t know what to do with it. Probably leave it in its raw form. It looks like that might suit it more.